My Podcast Interview on Dating in the Church (warning: we get HONEST)!

Some of you I wrote a co-wrote a funny, point-blank-manual-type-of book about dating back in 2012. The point was this: dating in the church can be just as frustrating and confusing as dating outside the church! So how do we navigate through it?!

The Kingdom Diversity department of the seminary contacted me recently to do a podcast interview about the book and discuss some tips for dating. I get very honest with the host of the podcast, Maliek Blade, and we have some laughs together. We chat about my own (MESSY!) story in dating and marriage and about my uncomfortable (but needed) tips for both women and men dating in the church/seminary world. Maliek was a wonderful host and I had a great time! Here’s the interview:

(Also, if you like this, listen in on more of their interviews on their podcast channel!)



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