No snow in Africa

Picture after picture. I kept seeing it. The bright blanket that covered the yards of Americans.

Facebook and Instagram feeds were white with snow.

Well, we are having our own play time in Kajo-Keji, just so you know.

Here in Africa, it’s another sunny and hot SAND DAY for the children! Due to the year-long “Tropical Vortex” that travels through the land, the days are filled with sand-ball fights, sand angels, and toy cars sledding through the sand!

It’s a sand-pocolypse!

Okay, okay. It’s obvious we are jealous that we can’t experience all the snow and we’re making the best of all the sand. But the kids here are cheering our spirits as we watch them play through their own weather conditions. 

In snow or sand, kids are kids. They will play in any weather. And they’ve been bringing smiles to our faces as we do our work. Thought I’d give you a little taste of what we’ve captured so far regarding the children at play. How joyful they are!


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