The Juice Fast: Day 0

So tomorrow is our first “real” day of juicing (to see why this all started, head to the last blogpost here). But we had to prepare, right? We got to work on getting all the fruits and veggies. A whole cart full! We are unabashedly committed to the Compare Foods store in downtown Durham, NC. It’s become our little gem, our little secret here in the far-off land of city living on a dime. Half of the entire store is local/foreign fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, dried herbs, fresh herbs, and more! It’s truly incredible. (Not to mention it has a DELECTABLE pastry/bakery center that I’m desperately trying to avoid as we speak. HUGE and FRESH pastries all for less than 95 cents a pop. Eat your heart out over-priced coffee shops!). And I don’t exactly know how the place runs– I mean its gigantic and has every American and foreign food known to man, but everything is so CHEAP. I’ve resolved not to ask questions and to instead partake in this secret treat. Join me if you’d like. So that was that. We as happy as could be (well, gulp, I was a bit nervous) looking at our cart chock-full of only things that come from the ground.

Next was the machine. Thank the good Lord for wedding gifts and credits to Bed Bath and Beyond, because we were able to go out and get the exact juicer used on the documentary we watched (from earlier post) that started this whole juicing-matter to begin with! And surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as costly as we thought it would be. One 20% off coupon and some store credit later, we were finally with our Juicer!


Breville, Juice Fountain Plus

And now we are ready.

And before I exit after catching you up from Day#0 on our juice fast, I must admit something. We snuck one little glass after we got our juicer, just as a supplement to our lunch. I was too terrified to use only veggies–God only knows what that would taste like to my too-Southern-palette. We started with fresh apples and large carrots. And it was… good! And filling! And the clean-up was nothing compared to the nightmares I’ve heard with other juicers.

So we are set and prepared for tomorrow. I’ll update you then!

And if you don’t mind, pray blessing on Cole as he deals with me over the next 6 days. I’m not much of a silent sufferer, though I’d like to pretend I am. Our good Savior hasn’t granted me that coveted quality in full yet, at least not to the measure that He has it. But he has given me a refrigerator full of things that apparently grow as food out of his planet. So pray I’ll honor it!

Over and out 🙂


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