Conclusion of the Juice Fast!

We’ve reached the end of our 5 day juice fast! Here we will give you our final meals as well as how life will change from here on out regarding our eating!

*he made it up and it was yummy!
1 bag of cranberries
2 oranges
2 tangerines
1.5 cup strawberries
1 apple
*serve over ice, add sparkling mineral water

Handful of Parsley
4 carrots
Handful of spinach

1/2 head of red cabbage, cut into wedges
2 kale leaves
1 red bell pepper, quartered
2 red apples, cut into wedges

103397731As it relates to our diet, the juice fast really has changed the way we view food and the uses it has. Although, obviously, the main reason we use food is for eating and feeling satiated, it actually has another incredible purpose: medicinal uses. I’m definitely not against medicine in general, but there are so many ailments that we all experience quite frequently that do not necessitate putting foreign chemicals in our bodies. If someone has something wrong physically that requires chemicals or emergency medical attention, then by all means, have at it. BUT, however, most of our common problems can be solved using the foods we eat and the juices we drink (if we’d just do our homework).

 Examples of using juice as medicine helps with all of these issues: (I was surprised, too!)

Acne Diabetes Macular Degen.
Immune Disorders Diarrhea Menopause
Anxiety Eczema Menstral Blood Loss
Arthritis Gallstones Menstral Pain
Asthma Glacoma Osteoporosis
High Cholestorol Headache Prostate Enlargement
Boils Hepatitis Psoriasis
Bronchitis Herpes Ulcers
Bruising High Blood Pressure Varicose Veins
Canker Sores Hypoglycemia Water Retention
Carpal Tunnel Indigestion Rheumatoid Arthritis
Cataracts Insomnia Stomachache
Common Cold IBS
Constipation Kidney Stones


So we will be trying juice out as a home remedy instead of taking constant pills that require a lot from our liver! Obviously, if I land myself in the ER (again), I will be screaming at the doctor to give me knock-out-the-pain drugs, so don’t think I’m going all-herbal. I just think, hey, use nature for what nature can do for you on ordinary days, and use the hospital and it’s drugs for when you have to go to the hospital for the emergencies, right?

We will be trying to juice for one meal a day from now on. We both know that there will be exceptions to this as we can’t usually travel with our juicer. However, we do believe we can make a healthy habit during our weeks of letting juice do it’s thing.

If you are interested in the recipes for the medical issues listed above, I’d check out the juicing book pictured above, called The Complete Book of Juicing by Michael T. Murray (found at your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

And that’s the end of our juice fast! We’ll keep you posted as we find out new info or remedies. We’ve already gotten numerous messages of people asking for recipes, specific juicing info, and what kind of juicer to get (The one we use is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus). It’s so exciting to see the nutrition spreading! Happy juicing everyone, and drop us a line if you decide to try it out!


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