Family to Family Support Network Interviews Ashley Marivittori Gorman on Abortion Blogpost

[The interview starts at minute 8.10, but listen to it all if you can!]

A personal moment of conviction from the Lord became a public one when I shared my last post about abortion. Then a public post somehow, some way, became a viral one.

The dream for a writer is for an idea to catch on and to spread like wildfire. That wasn’t my original goal when I wrote the words of my last post, but as I see the networks it seems to be impacting, I am thankful God would use something as ordinary as a convictional moment during a car ride to push His people to invest more in the issue of abortion than Facebook rants or holding a sign.

But, like anything that circulates quickly in the modern world of social media, I’ve had my share of negative feedback. Some even hostile and threatening. Suffice it to say that while I received so many sweet messages of encouragement and “wow, this makes me want to minister to the women in my community that I’ve never had compassion on before,” I also received messages of attack as well. And I don’t use the word attack lightly.

I thought about defending myself against common objections I heard. I thought about doing what my friend Ashley Dickens (a baller blogger!) calls “feeding the trolls” of the blogosphere.

But none of that was the point of my post.

During the crazy onslought of people’s opinions, I got an email and then a phone call. The voice? Rebecca Vahle of Family to Family Support Network in Denver, CO.

Their goal? Tethering adoption and mother-mentoring resources to each hospital in the nation. Should a woman facing an abortion decision want to either keep her baby and parent the child herself, or keep her baby and offer it up for adoption, this incredible organization meets her needs and provides her with true resources.

What kind of resources? Adoption training for the biological mom and adoptive parents, researching job placement for the biological mother, offering a support system to moms who keep their children, finding transportation needs for the biological mother, finding a home base for mothers, offering counseling, and training the hospital staff on how to speak about mother-mentorship and adoption options with their patients considering abortion.

You’d think this would be part of every hospital, right? Nope.

Rebecca’s dream is to see the relationship Family to Family has with a current Denver, CO hospital reproduced across the country.

Rebecca reached out to me because somehow she came across my post and wanted to interview me on her radio show! I was nervous because I was brand new at all this, but deep inside I wanted to make a difference. So I shakily said yes.

We talked a lot about my post, and issues surrounding abortion, adopting, and mother-mentoring. I was able to tackle a lot more in the interview than I did with my post and hopefully clear up some of the questions people have had in the comment section of my last post 🙂

You can listen to the interview on this post, but it is originally found here on their website. Feel free to listen in to other interviews as well! Also, should you want to get involved with their movement, their website is:


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