A word to my faith family on the Orlando Shooting

50 dead. 53 wounded. Please ‪#‎prayfororlando‬ and the terrible tragedy that has taken place there.

And pray for all of those entering into major, heated religious conversations today and this week. May God lead us to speak clearly, honestly, educatedly, and with equal parts conviction and respect. I hate how these things turn into two sides screaming at each other, accomplishing nothing.

Do not enter in these kinds of conversations lightly. In your anger, do not sin.

Do not share non-accredited, viral journalism links. Do not spout off about a religious idea you’ve never learned about or done any research on. Do not rant about your position, whatever side it may be on, just to hear yourself talk.

Focus on explaining, educating, and edifying in a world that is used to screaming matches.

Notice I didn’t say to be soft on your convictions. I didn’t say to water down Christianity’s response to this.

But the *way* you speak is just as important to God as the content you are churning out. Use your words in a way that honors not only the content you wish to express, but also the *ear* you are trying to bend. We will all be held accountable to both.

Ephesians 4:29 applies to us always, church, even in situations like this. Your response to things like this matters greatly.

Even the way we speak is to look transformative and other-worldy to our culture. Do not mimic the usual pattern of these things.

Do not hide behind your screen and try to change the world in all caps. The world is already used to that. Give them something different.


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