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Ash-Headshot-TransparentIt’s a scary thing to put out all my honest faith-thoughts. I mean, my blog is where anyone can read my inner monologue between me and God or even just me and myself. It’s where I tease out hard questions or confess the stupid, daily hiccups of life. So when you subscribe to my posts, I take it as you, sitting there, reading all my vulnerable, wobbly thoughts and instead of running away you say, “hey, we should get together more often. Let’s check-in every now and then.” And in a day of overloaded email inboxes, I consider that check-in a true privilege.

Now that I think about it, your subscription to this little square inch of the internet isn’t a “subscription” at all to me, really. If anything, it’s a hand reaching out in the great, big, hazy midst of the interwebs, saying, “hey, me too.” It tells me that there’s a person out there who connects with the crazy that goes on in my own headspace. It shows me that there are kindred souls out there who can say at the end of the day, “I feel you, and I want to be one of the first to know when you need to throw some words around.” It might sound weird to you, but having you sign up to hear the insanity of my wordsmithing means there’s a little handful of us out there who may just get each other. It means that you want to make this little sacred place of mine a regular thing of yours, too. And that makes me want to do three things: one, hug you; two, stay the course in my faith journey; and three, keep writing.

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